Treaty Council


After years of dealing with Indigenous land management issues in the Indigenous industry, we decided to alter direction. now we share our passion by helping other Indigenous Clans and Nations with our teams experience and clientele data base.​

Treaty Council is in operation to directly assist Indigenous Allodial Land Owners to

1). Take Constructive Adverse Possession of their Clan lands within their clan land boundaries.

2). Register their Clan Land Allodial Land Title through Treaty Councils Allodial Land Registry System.

3). Assist Indigenous Allodial Land owners to monetise their lands to operate autonomously. While stimulating the economy that will provide jobs and growth through Economic projects.

Lastly, Treaty Council is set up to assist all Indigenous Allodial Land Owners, who want to close the gap of disadvantage on their Indigenous lands.

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In Strength,

Alex Wymarra


Treaty Council